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21. Stormøte

for samtaler knyttet til ubesvarte spørsmål



Tid: Mandag 26. mars 2012, 12:00 - 16:00
Sted: Høyskolen i Oslo og Akershus, Athene 2, Pilestredet 46, 0130 Oslo
Bevertning: Lett bevertning og drikke i pausen.
Visjon: Samtalene fortsetter, likeså arbeidet med de individuelle prosjekter/prosesser til vi møtes neste gang.

Conversations on emerging issues in social entrepreneurship


Program for dagen

16:00 Fremmøte og registrering.


Åpning av Stormøte og innledning til tema, ved initiativtaker

Fil. Dr. Jan-Urban Sandal.



Tema ” ”








Tema "Kunnskapsinnovasjon - en fremtid i møte"


20:00 Avslutning av det 21. Stormøte






Scholars, organizations, host and sponsors:


12:00: Registration and Coffee.
12:15: Introduction by Fil. Dr. Jan-Urban Sandal.
Welcome and opening remarks by pro-Rector Frode Eika Sandnes.
12:30: Presentation by Scholar from the U.S.
Betsy Densmore: Social Entrepreneurship in the U.S.
13:30: Coffee Break
14:00: Betsy Densmore: Social Entrepreneurship in the U.S.
14:45: Presentations by Norwegian Scholar.
Jorid Grimeland: Innovation and societal entrepreneurship,
Why and How in Health professionals Educations?
15:30: Plenary discussion led by Jan-Urban Sandal
16:00: Closing of the 21st Summit in Social Entrepreneurship.

Betsy Densmore, President
Betsy Densmore is Founder and President of Academies for Social Entrepreneurship, which blends the best of business and philanthropy to support social enterprise. ASE programs provide training, peer learning, mentoring and “pitching” opportunities for social entrepreneurs. She has worked with hundreds of non-profit organizations on how to grow mission-related earned income ventures and improve their business acumen.
Betsy is an entrepreneur herself, having founded and managed two hospitality businesses, an insurance agency and two nonprofit organizations. Most recently, she worked for six years as a program leader at a global personal development organization. Her career has also included running a community foundation for ten years, managing an energy services social enterprise, serving as the Manager of Consumer and Community Affairs for a Fortune 500 retailer, and helping to manage a county social services department.
Born in Massachusetts, and a veteran of 25 years in the Midwest, she now lives Southern California with her husband Robert, where she is currently serving on the Boards of Someone Cares Soup Kitchen, LA Social Venture Partners and the LA Chapter of Social Enterprise Alliance.

Pro-Rector Frode Eika Sandnes: received his B.Sc. in computer science from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, and his Ph.D. in computer science from the University of Reading, UK. He has served as Professor of computer science in the faculty of engineering at Oslo University and is currently pro-Rector of research, development and internationalisation at Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences.

Jorid Grimeland: assistant professor, Oslo and Akershus University College (HiOA), Faculty of Health Sciences (HF). She is responsible for a module in International Public Health (15 + 3 ECTS) within the bachelor programmes in the HF at HiOA. Its prox 300 students, and they have a focus on innovation with a camp and social entrepreneurship.
She is also responsible for summer course in International Public Health 2. - 20. July about:
Part I The Scope of International Public Health 5 ECTS Part II Environmental Conditions and Population Health. Further on she is one of the representatives from HiOA, HF in the Master of Public Health Sciences programme committee together with the University of Life Sciences, Ås. In addition to that she participates in planning, teaching, tutoring and launching one of the modules prox 35 students.


Akershus University College of Applied Sciences;
With a student body of approximately 16,000 students and 1,600 employees, Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences (HiOA) is Norway's largest state university college. HiOA was established on 1 August 2011, after a merger of Oslo University College and Akershus University College.
HiOA has four faculties:
Faculty of Health Sciences
Faculty of Education and International Studies
Faculty of Social Sciences
Faculty of Technology, Art and Design

Akershus University College of Applied Sciences is hosting the 21st Summit.

21st Summit in Social Entrepreneurship is sponsored by U.S. Embassy, Oslo










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