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This dissertation highlights the roles of political economy as the important factor influencing the success of social enterprises. Innovation is an independent scientific act of an individual. In fact innovation and social enterprise are embedded with each other. While innovation as an independent scientific endeavor is not bothered with political economy but the entrepreneurial endeavor to put the innovation in practical use poses several elements of political and economic environment. This dissertation analyses the relations of such elements with social entrepreneurship.
This thesis presents international independent science made by Affiliated Honorary Research Fellow Achyut Nepal.
This scientific thesis is original scientific work of Achyut Nepal for the purpose of scientific defense.

The mainstreaming innovation for social entrepreneurship in tackling complex socio-economic challenges is at the forefront of government policy agendas globally. By mainstreaming the innovations for social entrepreneurship development have been fostering social innovation in many countries. Social entrepreneurship can contribute disadvantaged individuals and communities and more broadly support sustainable development goals. This study explores to illustrate how public policies can potentially drive social innovation. What is the impact of innovative social enterprising? How is the innovative social enterprise environment? How innovation is mainstreaming with high priorities. In addition, evidence of mainstreaming innovations in terms of product, process, marketing, and innovation in developing new or improved social practices will be identified.

The authorship of the book Role of Mainstreaming Innovation for Social Entrepreneurship Development at Fil. Dr. Jan-U. Sandal Institute is my individual work.
Rudra Prasad Ghimire, May 2023


The main goal of social entrepreneurship is to make the world a better place for everyone. Not many people disagree with this statement of values. Many individuals, organizations, politicians, governments and authorities as well as religious organizations and value systems have tried to accomplish something and take a
step further in the name of social entrepreneurship, but only a few have succeeded. Entrepreneurship is not a static phenomenon, like a solution once and for all; on the contrary; it is an endless process of refinement and development to bring change into the existing in the most prosperous and successful way. As scientists,
we present our contribution based on intentional independent science.

Zhytomyr, Ukraine, January 2022,
Svitlana Chugaievska, Olena Rusak

During my studies at the Yuriy Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University, I actively participated in the activities of student government and joined the activities of various student and scientific public organizations. Even then, I was able to grasp the enormous potential of these organizations and also realized how insufficient the financial resources they possessed were.

So, not surprisingly, after graduating from the University, I became interested in the functioning of civil society and its institutions. Scientific interest turned into a significant scientific product and in 2016 at a meeting of the specialized academic council at the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv an open defense of the candidate's dissertation took place.

The text of this thesis published in English is identical to the text of the thesis published on the website of the KhNUE in Ukrainian.

Writing this book required an effort not only on the part of the author, but also of the professional scientists who were supervising this work.
I want to express my deep gratitude to my teachers, persons who have brought to me the light of science, Prof. Dr. Jan-Urban Sandal and Prof. Dr. Tetyana Ivanivna Lepeyko. Without their precise attention and valuable advices this book could not be made. Finally, I want to thank my family for their patience, especially to my father, Dr. Shahin Anver ogli Omarov who is being my first teacher in my life since the moment I have opened my eyes.

Changing the world has always been a relevant topic. SocialChanging the world has always been a relevant topic. Socialentrepreneurship is the way we change the world today. Thetechniques are many as well as the objectives constituting thechange process. They have one thing in common; the change iscarried out by the entrepreneurs, individuals with the will,strengths and capacity of trusting new ways of solving problems.The analyzes presented in this book are based on historical andanalytical information derived from international independentscience.The prominent authors of chapters in this book have allcontributed based on their independent research at Fil. Dr. Jan-U.Sandal Institute.

In 2012, I started a new scientific research project named Book & Library International Searching the World's Libraries. The goal
was to visit a number of libraries throughout the world to see how much literature I could find on the topics innovation, business entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship in English.

This book is about museum science and Sandal Private Museum. Museum science is rooted in the analysis of the life and work of the entrepreneur and the independent scientist, where the creation of artifacts based on the production function is a major area of scientific activities and interest.

Social Entrepreneurship and the Law
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Social entrepreneurship is a key factor in solving human created problems and changing the world to the better for everyone.

Social entrepreneurship represents a new and different way of approaching the human created problems that are causing suffering and inequality throughout the world today. 

Changing the world has always been a relevant topic. Social entrepreneurship is the way we change the world today. The techniques are many as well as the objectives constituting the change process.