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In 2012, I started a new scientific research project named Book & Library International Searching the World's Libraries. The goal
was to visit a number of libraries throughout the world to see how much literature I could find on the topics innovation, business entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship in English.

This book is about museum science and Sandal Private Museum. Museum science is rooted in the analysis of the life and work of the entrepreneur and the independent scientist, where the creation of artifacts based on the production function is a major area of scientific activities and interest.

Social Entrepreneurship and the Law
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Social entrepreneurship is a key factor in solving human created problems and changing the world to the better for everyone.

Social entrepreneurship represents a new and different way of approaching the human created problems that are causing suffering and inequality throughout the world today. 

Changing the world has always been a relevant topic. Social entrepreneurship is the way we change the world today. The techniques are many as well as the objectives constituting the change process.