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The Speech in Prof. Sandal's Honor


Good Afternoon Everyone.


I, Dr. Syed Safvi Mahmood, on behalf of Southwestern College, Kathmandu, Nepal, express my gratitude for having been given a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience, in its entirety, the renowned SOCIAL ENTREPRENEUR SCHOOL IBS composed of the International Study Courses in Social Entrepreneurship, Innovation Management and Service Management.


The course was methodically assembled with the perfect combination of formal classroom Lectures, Instructions and exchange of ideas with a printed compendia or guide to match. The core of the course brought in us a desire to learn and stand out in society, in a positive way of course. With time, we learnt how to swim on our own and were guided into analyzing case studies in Groups.

This process forced us to come out of our shells and explore our inter-personal skills, and stimulated the thought process as to how we can aid Society as Social Entrepreneurs – How WE can make a difference!


When we started this course, we were a group of Individuals, not known to one another, seeking enlightenment along an unknown path. Now, I stand here, with my colleagues and new found friends, at the penultimate step. I say penultimate as the Ultimate step would have been reached once our Goals are met – and I pray that that happens – Again and Again.


I pray that we handle the Awarded title of Social Entrepreneur IBS with dignity and responsibility. May we, through the guiding scientific force of Professor Sandal conquer, one target after another, in the years to come!


The successful completion of this Course is a Victory for Us – the student participants; It is a Victory for Southwestern College –Kathmandu, Nepal and HOPE International College – Kathmandu, Nepal and last but not the least, for our ever-smiling, helpful Professor with a Vision – Professor Fil. Dr. Jan-Urban Sandal !!

Thank you and once again CONGRATULATIONS to all of US!


We shall miss your graceful and inspiring presence Sir, and hope to see you soon at the Oslo Summit!