Mission - Sandal Private Museum

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Sandal Private Museum is a privately owned museum administrated by Fil. Dr. Jan-U. Sandal Institute.


The objectives behind Sandal Private Museum are independent science, documentation, exhibition, education, and diffusion of knowledge as a leading center for the production of new knowledge in its fields of interest, emphasizing cultural family heritage through actions and objects of intrinsic values.


Sandal Private Museum invites independent scientists, doctoral candidates, students and the public to independent studies, education and publishing of articles, books, presentations and displays.


Governments cannot do the same as individuals in the process of innovation, entrepreneurship or independent science. That is one reason behind museum science as a scientific subject and the need for creation of private museums.


Museum science is rooted in the analysis of the life and work of the entrepreneur and the independent scientist, where the creation of artifacts based on the production function is a major area of scientific activities and interest.


Entrepreneurs, single individuals who make judgmental decisions, create innovations. Entrepreneurs are the creators of civilization. The study of their life and work is of the utmost interest for a deeper understanding of the process of innovation.