In the Footsteps of the early Joseph Alois Julius Schumpeter. Acronym – Fotspor/Footsteps.

Year 2012 marks one hundred years of the first publishing of Joseph Alois Julius Schumpeter ́s
Theorie der Wirtshaftlichen Entwicklung (English title; The Theory of Economic Development). In 2012, I started a research program: In the footsteps of Joseph Alois Julius Schumpeter. The program included many activities; visiting main sites where the famous economist used to live and work, in-depth interviews with key persons on site, research in relevant archives, collecting and spreading information about Schumpeter’s science globally through academic institutions, libraries, organizations, forums and summits. The activities also included the beginning of a global lecture program, primarily based on Schumpeter’s theories, separate authorship of papers, articles and books based on the findings of science program. Science project is fully funded by Fil. Dr. Jan-U. Sandal Institute with a budget of one million $ US.





The Hunt goes on – in the World Libraries. Acronym – Jakten/The Hunt.


In 2003 I defended the philosophical doctorate in Economic History at Lund University. The Tittle of the Thesis was: In search of the Entrepreneur – can Joseph A. Schumpeter's theory be used to identify and differentiate Entrepreneurs in the 21st century? The hunt goes on – 10 years has brought valuable new knowledge and dissemination of independent international science out, not only in the Nordic waters, but worldwide. It is nevertheless obvious that not
all science environments, scientific researchers as general users of libraries have access to relevant and valuable literature to the extent that is desirable and appropriate. Innovation and entrepreneurship are disciplines which require broad participation from people that society should develop in a democratic direction, and that is exactly why the dissemination of information, like a book or articles are of great importance, both in terms of knowledge and
contexts as inspiration for the individual. What is located of English literature in innovation, entrepreneurship, and social entrepreneurship in the world libraries, and is there interest in acquiring more? This science project is fully funded by Fil. Dr. Jan-U. Sandal Institute.




The Rise

The scientific program focuses on the rise of the museums as a phenomenon and museum science

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