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The Social Entrepreneur School " IBS "-2019: expansion of cooperation

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On April 26, the solemn completion of the " The Social Entrepreneur School " IBS "-2019 took place. The school was already held for the third time at our university by its founder and director Dr. Jan-Urban Sandal (Oslo, Norway). Within two weeks, students studied three disciplines: Social Entrepreneurship, Innovation Management, Service Management. 26 participants who successfully passed the examinations received a diploma and distinction, confirming the status of a social entrepreneur, as well as an invitation to attend the Summer School of the Institute in Norway.

Also on this day, Professor Dr. Jan-Urban Sandal met with the president of the Kharkiv University Consortium Professor Belovoy LO, the rector of the KhNEU. S. Kuznetsa Professor Ponomarenko VS in the course of which an agreement was reached on expanding cooperation and signed an agreement on cooperation, which will enable students from all universities of the consortium to study at the Social Entrepreneur School IBS next year.

We also remind that during this year's school, Professor Jan-Urban Sandal presented to the University Library his own book, "In the Footsteps of the Early Joseph Alois Schumpeter," which is the result of scientific research on the work of J. Schumpeter, an Austrian and American economist, sociologist and historian of economic thought.

Professor Sandal noted the high level of training of school participants and expressed his sincere gratitude to the university for the opportunity to read the author's course of lectures for students and teachers.

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