Fil. Dr. Jan-U. Sandal Institute
Excellence in Science and Education

Gopal Tiwari



Affiliated Honorary Research Fellow







2016 - Social Entrepreneur IBS, Fil. Dr. Jan-U. Sandal Institute (Norway)
2003 – MA in Economics, Tribhuvan University, Nepal
1992 – BA in Economics, Tribhuvan University, Nepal



Specialization on
Private Sector Development, trade, industry, economy
Investment Climate
Social Entrepreneurship
Public Private Dialogue
Entrepreneurship Development
Research on contemporary issues


Affiliations as professionals/fellows

Secretary General, Nepal Economic Association (a national organization of economists)
Advisor at the Forum for Economics Studies, a Young Economists Forum
Former President of Society of Economic Journalists, an Association of 260 economic writers
Fellow of Salzburg Global Seminar, Austria, Vienna back in 2007
Fellow of International Visitors Programme back in 2000 in USA
Fellow/Scholar at the Business School Netherlands (2014-2016)


Within my 4-years Program as an Affiliated Honorary Research Fellow, I will be conducting scientific research on the following topics/areas as required:

  • Social entrepreneurship and role of SMEs in Economic Development
  • Innovation management of SMEs for overall socio-economic development
  • The theory of innovation management based on Schumpeterian approach
  • The Social Entrepreneurship in Nepal and lessons to be learnt from other countries
  • Role of government in promoting social entrepreneurship and SMEs
  • Doing Business Environment and the growth of social entrepreneurship
  • What is the role of Public Private Dialogue (PPD) in promoting social entrepreneurship through the creation of SMEs
  • The role of social entrepreneurship to remove social evils
  • The approach of Prof Jan U. Sandal of Norway on Social Entrepreneurship and business sector's growth