Editor: Prof. Dr. Fil. Jan-Urban Sandal
Pages: 126
Price: 169,00
ISBN: 978-82-93329-06-0
Year: 2019
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Social entrepreneurship represents a new and different way of approaching the human created problems that are causing suffering and inequality throughout the world today. Creativity, analytical and abstract thinking are skills that lay at the basis of the development behind innovative approaches in social entrepreneurship. Governments cannot do the same as individuals in the process of innovation, entrepreneurship or independent science. The individual activity is not only a major resource, but also the most important one in the creation of the development of the society. This book presents global approaches to social entrepreneurship based on innovative thinking and action.
The prominent authors of chapters in this book have all contributed based on their independent research at Fil. Dr. Jan-U. Sandal Institute. The publishing of the book is financed by Global Development Fund.


  • Introduction
    • Jan-Urban Sandal
  • Economic Inequality And Poverty
    • A.V. Telyzhenk
  • The Problem of Violence among Teens and Ways of Overcoming It
    • D. K. Soloshenko
  • Resources of Energy and Nature
    • K. Babenko
  • Disability in Ukraine. The Introduction of a Holistic System of Adaptation of People with Disabilities in Ukrainian Society
    • D. Aleksandrova
    • N. T. F. Zun
    • A. Samoilenko
  • Students’ Social Entrepreneurship Competences
    • N. Kholiavko
    • T. Detsiuk
    • A. Verbytska
  • Technology& Innovation: The Role of Smallholder Farmers in Agribusiness Development in Ghana
    • I. Zakaria
  • Authors