Pages: 96
ISBN: 978-82-93329-19-0
Year: 2023
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The mainstreaming innovation for social entrepreneurship in tackling complex socio-economic challenges is at the forefront of government policy agendas globally. By mainstreaming the innovations for social entrepreneurship development have been
fostering social innovation in many countries. Social entrepreneurship can contribute disadvantaged individuals and communities and more broadly support sustainable development goals. This study explores to illustrate how public policies can potentially drive social innovation. What is the impact of innovative social enterprising? How is the innovative social enterprise environment? How innovation is mainstreaming with high priorities. In addition, evidence of mainstreaming innovations in terms of product, process, marketing, and innovation in developing new or improved social practices will be identified.
This research study illustrates how specific public policy mechanisms may potentially facilitate the diversification, inclusion, innovation, and expansion of the social entrepreneurship environment. The policy implication can be suggested in particular sample area of the study societies typically characterized by a strong government, and face similar structural, demographic and socio-economic challenges that necessitate innovative solutions. How social entrepreneurship can support efforts towards making development more inclusive and achieving large system change depends on mainstreaming of innovation in empowering human being to allowing access of resources. This book presents mainstreaming of innovation approaches to social entrepreneurship development based on innovative intelligent and action plan.
The authorship of the book Role of Mainstreaming Innovation for Social Entrepreneurship Development at Fil. Dr. Jan-U. Sandal Institute is my individual work.
Rudra Prasad Ghimire, May 2023