In the Footsteps of the Early Joseph Schumpeter - Book


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ISBN 978-82-93329-03-9

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The early Joseph Alois Schumpeter gave the world an extraordinary theory of economic growth in his book Theorie der wirtschaftlichen Entwicklung, published in Leipzig in 1912. This biography and scientific analysis is a tour in the footsteps of the early Joseph A. Schumpeter, which paints a picture of the fascinating character of an individual who stands amongst the great masters of the economic science in the 20th century. Schumpeter declared that the most important period in a human’s life is the third decade, and his own life is in accordance with this idea. More than 100 years after his birth, his name is celebrated with distinguished words as world-renowned economist, minister, social philosopher and humanist. We follow his life and work from birth to maturity and emigration to America, through happiness, love, sorrows and tragedy, to countries where he lived and worked like the Austrian-Hungarian Empire, Germany, USA, and Japan.

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