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12. December to 20. December 2018 – Nataliia Zavhorodnia

NataliiaNataliia Zavhorodnia, PhD in Economics, Assistant at the Department of Finance, Banking and Insurance of Chernihiv National University of Technology (CNUT) has been granted a scholarship at Fil. Dr. Jan-U. Sandal Institute, and started her scientific research with Fil. Dr. Jan-Urban Sandal in the field of Innovative Social Entrepreneurship.

Fil. Dr. Jan-U. Sandal Institute invited Nataliia Zavhorodnia to exchange visit according to Articles 2 and 3 in Agreement between the two Parties. The exchange visit took place at Institute's venue during the period from Wednesday December 12 to Thursday December 20, 2018. Nataliia Zavhorodnia conducted her own independent scientific research in Social Entrepreneurship based on qualifications, supported by Prof. Dr. Jan-Urban Sandal. She gave Key Note at Summit 62 on Wednesday December 19, 2018.

Nataliia Zavhorodnia works in public relations of the CNUT, is a co-organizer of International and all-Ukrainian scientific events, such as International scientific and practice conference “Ukraine – EU: Modern technology, business and law”, and a project manager of NGO “Chernihiv European”. Areas of her scientific interest are innovative development of Ukraine food industry, higher education and Social Entrepreneurship. Nowadays Natallia has more than 20 scientific articles.

Nataliia Zavhorodnia travelled on ES-01-A, Scientific Entrepreneur Grant, awarded by Dr. Sandal Fund. She graduated from Social Entrepreneur School IBS (Innovation, Business and Society), at Fil Dr. Jan-U. Sandal Institute in May 2018, and holds the title Social Entrepreneur IBS.